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The Hungry People

Talitha Kalago


Red knows who killed her sister, Samantha. It was the pretty girls—the ones Sam thought were finally going to accept her in their clique. But at that party, in the woods, something went wrong and Sam never came home.

Red knows if she can find Sam’s body and prove what happened, those pretty girls will pay. But there aren’t murderers at the hideout in the woods, there are monsters; and they’re unthinkably difficult to kill.

The leader, Alex, gives Red an opportunity to insinuate herself into the tribe. It’s a chance to discover their weaknesses, but while Red is using Alex, he’s using her too. As the death toll mounts, Red is realizes there is more at stake than her desire for retribution.

To destroy Alex, Red is going to have to find a bigger monster.


Coming January, 2017.