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Short Stories

By Talitha Kalago


Car-sized fruit grows from roots that slither out of the NYC sewer, blocking traffic and luring out hoards of sickened rats. It's all in a day's work for Key Ryans, but things get dramatically out of hand when a Wasp shows up, spreading insanity and devastation in its wake. In a split second decision, Key shoots a civilian to spare him the agony of being eaten alive, but the resulting PR nightmare costs her her job. To make matters worse, the Wasp is still on the loose and the insanity is spreading.

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There’s a Bandershin in the dam behind the pump house, and Simon is certain it is the reason neighbourhood cats and dogs are disappearing. Or could that be the fault of John, the man next door, who is leaving the wine-colored bruises on his step-daughter’s back? Simon has enough to worry about, with his mother in a wheelchair and schoolwork, but the summer storms are coming and the monsters are drawing closer...

Avalible on Amazon.

Including 'The Bandershin' by Talitha Kalago.

“Up ahead is an escalator that’ll take us down to the cerebellum,” he said. “That’s where the wombat leaves us.”
“Why?” I asked.
“He’s claustrophobic.”

In 2014, Vision Writers published an inaugural collection of speculative fiction stories, “18”. In 2016, we’re at it again, and this time, we’re digging deep and going dark.

If you’re brave enough to gaze into the abyss (beware: it’s watching you), you’ll find a woman caring for a monster, a father’s suffocating guilt, a jumping castle, a tale of the Horseman, a military science experiment gone wrong (don’t they all?), a lake monster, some mutants in a hole, and of course, a bizarre trip through the mind, with a doppelganger and a booze-soaked wombat in a 1969 Kombi.

So be sure to read this under the covers with the torch on and the windows locked. There’s dark things out there. And there’s even darker things in here.

Avalible free on Amazon.

Including '1800' by Talitha Kalago.

"As it became obvious they were not about to plunge to their deaths just yet, Bill gingerly took his hands off the steering wheel and rubbed his chin. He slowly opened the window and stuck his head out. There appeared to be nothing holding them up apart from the inky night air."

In September of 1996, a collection of speculative fiction authors founded Vision Writers. Now, in celebration of eighteen years bleeding on the page, we present 18, a collection of stories showcasing our best emerging talents.

Featuring cave crocodiles and spell absorbing beards, a séance with soul, a night in a gypsy caravan to make all your wishes come true and a journey through hell that will make you swear to be good. Come with us to rebuild the world clock, face the dragon queen and hide from the thing under the bed.

Assuming you can escape the floating car...

Avalible free on Amazon.

Including 'Blood and Bone' by Talitha Kalago

Seductress, demon, or cursed being, the succubus wears many guises in this exciting new short story collection.

Some of these tales are spicy and contain adult content, but this is not a collection of erotica. Rather, Demon Lovers: Succubi looks at the nature of the succubus and what it means to live by preying on humans, or to be the mortal a succubus has set her sights on.

Revenge, redemption, loss, lust, desire and love are some of the places these stories will take readers as each succubus reveals a facet of her unique existence.

Genre readers of paranormal romance, urban fantasy, fantasy and science fiction will find gems to delight in in this collection. Authors are a mix of new voices and established writers, including Mary Roberts Rinehart Award nominee Diana Pharaoh Francis, two-time Nebula Award nominee Jennifer Pelland, Deborah Teramis Christian, whose work has been considered for the Tiptree Award, and Laura Antoniou, whose Marketplace series has been lauded as setting the standard for contemporary SM erotic fiction.

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Including 'Bandershin' and 'White' by Talitha Kalago.

In 2011 Category 5 tropical cyclone ‘Yasi’ ripped across far North Queensland, destroying homes and leaving thousands without power and water, cut off by washed out roads and deadly fallen powerlines. These are the tales born—not of the cyclone—but of the fevered imaginations of writers; isolated, unwashed and suffering in the tropical heat without our beloved air-conditioning.
Here in the tropics insidious monsters heave themselves onto muddy banks, housewives grapple with man-sized pythons and unprepared tourists face death on dusty, lifeless outback roads.

Buckle down for 18 stories and 13 poems from the wet, wild and rugged Far North Queensland’s best poets and writers.