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Non Fiction

By Talitha Kalago


Do you want to write a book but don’t have the time? Are you struggling to write instead of looking forward to it? Are you afraid you’re never going to finish your novel?

In 2016 I wrote half a million words in nine months, and edited 500 pages, despite weeks of travelling, three major family funerals and spending the whole nine months going in and out of hospital. My co author managed 420, 000 words in the same period, despite a full time job and a long, luxurious overseas holiday.

What is the secret I know that you don’t? It’s not impossible, or even very hard. And it doesn’t involve hiring ghost-writers or forgoing sleep either (I love sleep way too much for that).

What if I told you there are simple ways to get higher word counts? I am going to share my methods for reaching half a million words in nine months, and those of my co-author, plus heaps more used by professional authors around the world.

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